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We collaborate with all levels of the mining industry to realise the maximum value from the most demanding resource targets.

Our team

Portrait of Tim Newton

Tim Newton

Is a metallurgical process engineer with 25 years experience in project development, plant operations and design. His background covers a wide variety of processes and minerals including copper, gold, nickel, uranium and zinc. He specialises in applying innovative hydrometallurgical methods to the treatment of low-grade and challenging feeds.

Jason Gray

Is a geotechnical engineer, geologist and experienced project manager.  He has 24 years industry experience. Jason specialises in developing and managing diverse cross-disciplinary teams, as well as commercial, operational and project management. He has been involved in project management and directorship for projects and feasibility studies in the mining and civil industries, as well as business unit operations, commercial management and leadership.

Portrait of Jason Gray
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Tony Webster-Smith

Is a seasoned environmental scientist, HSE Executive and operational readiness professional with 25 years’ experience. Tony has managed large technical teams and a wide range of resource project studies, approvals and operational readiness projects for large multinational resource companies through to single mine organisations in a range of international locations. Tony has actively developed and supported deployment of a range of technologies to improve operational effectiveness, realise efficiencies and or ensure and manage operational compliance.

Resource Development Strategies

Encore Minerals specialises in applying new process technologies to treatment of low grade or metallurgically complex ores. We take a fresh look at assets with established resources where conventional approaches have been unable to realise the value.

Our Approach

Our mission is to create value through detailed understanding of the costs and risks of mining projects and driving development strategies that match the unique characteristics of each project.

Core competence

Core competence